Environmentally Friendly Interior Design

Home interior fads change every few years and the popular layouts, materials and accessories help to define each generation. Most of the changes have been relatively minor from one time period to the next. For example, the adjustments are often details like the color of appliances or what type of wall or floor covering is preferred. The changes recently have been much more dramatic as people increasingly seek out environmentally friendly designs and products.

Change in Everything

Interior Design that appeals to eco-conscious consumers affects every part of the home and the items inside. It is about the size and placement of windows for energy efficiency. It means finding sustainable building materials, accessories made from recycled goods and efficient light bulbs and appliances. All of the materials must meet the standards of the consumer while looking great too.

Natural is Best

A big concern in home decorating is off-gassing from common products like flooring and mattresses. The concern is that many of the volatile organic compounds in these products could cause respiratory issues, headaches and other health problems. The switch to natural materials like bamboo, wool and leather improves the air quality, but the dyes that decorate the products are just as concerning. To address this, many companies are now switching to natural alternatives for chemical dyes using products like vegetables, berries and leaves and much more.

Responsible Material Removal

Deconstruction is the careful removal of old materials and it is a more environmentally friendly option than demolition. Deconstructing an interior does take time, but that is acceptable to anyone that wants to do more to help the environment. During this process, all the layers of the room are removed carefully. Reusable items are sold or donated to charitable organizations and recyclables are separated from the waste materials. It reduces the need for the manufacturing of new building materials and cuts the amount taken to a landfill.

Eco-friendly home design benefits everyone, but the homeowner gets even more from the effort. The time and effort are repaid to them in lower utility bills, a healthier home and the knowledge that they are helping the planet by utilizing safe, sustainable products. Find out more about the green options available before building a new home or redesigning or redecorating a current living space.